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just another rainy day in dhaka

just another rainy day

it was raining today in dhaka in the morning. but people still ran to join their workplaces….




Dhaka is a city of people and life. Sometime it’s so busy that you can feel every second counts working here. Yet, when the rain comes – the city gives a different look. Taken from the streets of dhaka immediately after washing out by heavy rain



winter comes, and winter goes

people passes by, people travels, they don’t stop – even if there is no seat in the cabin, they don’t stop. found this train passing by in a winter morning, cold cold winter morning when these people are sitting on the ledge risking their life.

but that’s how life runs, aint it? thats how the busy husband sees meets his beautiful wife from one place to another, thats how the son comes back to his father…

sound of silence

sound of silence

Trees, when the new leaves are being born after looks wonderful to me. their branches forms different patterns on the sky which I like very much. This was taken on the streets of Dhaka, just before evening. I wished a few birds were there, too. However, the negative space and the pattern is something that I liked very much in this photo and couldn’t resist myself from sharing.


Bonpara road is one of my favorite roads here in Bangladesh. Vast open fields, lakes and ponds, rural people with versatile lifestyle always gives me some cool photos. This photo was taken when I noticed this empty van parked beside the road and the van puller went to work on a field to plant some garlic seeds.

So why did I took this photo? One reason is that I love empty-ness. I love the solitary mood and here, the long empty road gives me one of the best of its kind. The leading line and the straight road with the inclined trees and empty van created a fantastic mood here which I really didn’t want to miss.

This photo is taken with a Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II USM lens mounted on a 5D Mark II.

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