Past Meets Present

capturing 1000 words in every click

Month: March, 2012



some photo dont need any description, some of them don’t need any story to be told. however, this is how capturing 1000 words in one click rolls on.

this photo was taken from a foot over bridge leading to a pontoon. there were people selling these veges and fruits to natives and I took the photo from the bridge with a wide angle lens. I loved the presence of those tomatoes which looks really out of the place because of their color, the dish and nicely juxtaposed on the ground.

And I also loved how the boy was looking at me with a face full of surprise and questions. Photography is such a wonderful job – and I just love capturing 1000 words in my clicks every often.


the dead end

This picture was taken in Birulia, a business center and port in Ancient Bangladesh. This place, though urbanized a lot, still holds some of the fascinating structures in it. The greek architecture, the open space, near by river gave this place a different look.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Birulia, possibly 200 years older or more. And this is one Surprisingly BIG window from where this woman was looking at something distant. I asked here whether I can take a picture and then requested her to lean and give us a pose. She was very co-operating and I loved the expression from this photo.



When I roam arround three things attracts me very much. Fire, Light Fittings and Patterns. I love something stacked up nicely, something making a pattern. This photo was taken in a local talk-show where the caterar were preparing cups to serve tea to the audience.


evening walk

It often happens that I find no work in my hand to go thru. It often happens that I cant concentrate on anything. I spend time with my undergrad friends when I am sad, and I am depressed.

This is a photo taken this evening. while we were walking on the road with destination anywhere.


Unsung stories

People in Bangladesh works hard to earn their everyday living. This is a picture which portrays the same. Mom and her two little children are carrying dried leaves and branches to create fire for their cooking.

The most interesting part was the sizes of the bags on their head. Mom carrying two, the elder child carrying a bigger one and the last one, though little but still not just walking behind them, carrying a smaller one.

This is a picture how everyday runs here. Lots of issues around but life still marches on.


Dream boulevard

Dhaka is spectacular. You will find something cool in it’s every turn. Though people are poor and they work hard to earn their everyday living, the diversity is really surprising. I found this kid selling the bubble toy on the street and all the kids walking by were looking at him like he is the “Oz”. And they will be one of the happiest kid ever if they could get one. Some of them were even crying to their parents to buy one. Lovely!


Fire breathing

I was walking in the botanical garden, one of the reserved space with various species of trees in Dhaka, Bangladesh this afternoon with Ehab. Suddenly we found that the cleaners are collecting papers and other types of rubbishes and fires them at the bottom of the tree. As it was opposite side, the flames were causing a beautiful effect. And the soft light in the afternoon gave it a beautiful color tone.

I took this photo with a 5D mark II with a 135mm f/2 L mounted on.



This photo was taken in old Dhaka in Bangladesh. These two guys were busy in giving the building a white wash. No safety regulations and they work same way from 2nd story to 10th. They work taking a huge risk.

… Few days ago I asked one of them whether they are afraid to work in such situations. They simply answered with a weird look – “we are used to it”

Yeah they are used to it, they dont care, we dont care – and nobody cares if anyone cares. Life is pretty devalued sometime, all you got is a string to keep it inside. Like this guy is hanging from one



Night life is so freaking awesome, and I love taking shots at night. Specially the light, the glow and background gives your photo a completely different look from same perspective.

This photo was taken in a restaurant, bar-b-q tonite where we often spend our time discussing on different topics. We love this place because unlike most other restaurants, this one is in a open ground with lots of structures and trees around.

This tree was just above me, with small led lights. I wish I had a 85mm with me, but its better to proceed with whatever you have, and today it was a 50mm f/1.4 with a 550D 🙂


the wall

We had a hectic evening today. After meeting with some fellow photographers, me and Ehab came to my place. We went to La Bamba for dinner because we both like their Tom-Yum soup very much. We bought a couple of books from a photographic exhibition and it was a nice dinner while having a look at those books.

Just before we came out from La Bamba, I noticed this frame on a wall, it was looking so melancholic and solitary. I took this picture with Ehab’s 5D mark II which had a EF 24-70 f/2.8 L mounted on.