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Month: April, 2012

free mason

free mason

juxtaposed mason, building beautiful home for everyone while having none for himself


starting the day

starting the day

Found this guy, who works as a security guard in a local shopping mall is waiting in front of the market for his colleagues to come. Meanwhile, his companion is the daily news paper.



silence, solitude, what else do you think it is! I love the color and the moment.

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strings attached

found them in Coxsbazar beach day before yesterday. By the way, coxsbazar is the the largest beach on Earth 🙂



This young fisherman, Abdul Hoque catches small fishes and prawns by casting his net in shallow water area. He is very young, like 17-18 years old and earns his living by doing this. I met this guy today in Cox’sbazar, the longest beach on Earth. After talking to him for a while, I asked him to give a pose for an action portrait. Abdul Hoque was very happy to cast his net three times for me and all of them were superb!

Such a nice guy. A beautiful addition in my 100 strangers gallery.

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this photo was taken in early morning in the cox’sbazaar beach – the longest beach in the world situated in Bangladesh.


Story of the Stonehenge

Just another rural market where these people are selling their collected dried branches and bamboo to make fire. The woman in the middle is sitting there to sell 4 mangoes. This is how everyone pursuits their dream.



Some repairmen were cleaning/repairing on the glass roof of a huge atrium and seeing them through the glass was interesting to me. Their ladder, how they lined up and the colored decoration were everything made it a shot worth to capture.